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The China Golfing Society

The word 'China' in our name is taken to include The People’s Republic of China, The Republic of China (aka Taiwan), the Hong Kong SAR, and Macau.

Membership of the Society can be loosely described as being open to any golfer who has lived and worked in ‘China’, or who has had more than a passing involvement with that part of the world. Potential members are required to have their application for membership proposed by a current member of the Society.

The primary ‘raison d’être’ of the China Golfing Society is to provide golfers who, at some stage in their life, have experienced golf in ‘ China’ with the opportunity to enjoy more golf in the company of like-minds. This is arranged within a comprehensive fixture list of Meetings purely for CGS members and Matches against a list of clubs or similar societies.

While the object is always 'to win', there is also the intention that all participants should enjoy both their golf and the company, without overemphasising any concern regarding a reasonable standard of play. All fixtures are played on handicap.

It is important that all members are afforded an equal opportunity to participate, particularly those more recently joined, and we make every effort to ensure that the younger members receive a warm welcome.

The main responsibility for the ongoing success of the Society lies with the 'Match Managers' whose duties include raising a team, liaising with the opposition, getting everyone to the right club on the right day, dealing with the financial side and, last but not least, finding replacements for last-minute withdrawals. It is thus of constant importance that our Match Managers are given the utmost reliable support.

Images used on the site have been supplied courtesy of the clubs concerned. Images of Royal St Georges courtesy of Angus Gray.